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Embed Teleport SSH session recording in a website

by Tomasz Jarosik

As far as I know, there is no easy way to export SSH session recordings from Teleport. However, we can pipe it easily to Asciinema! And the setup “just works”. You can install Asciinema and start it and after that do ‘tsh play’. Of course, it takes time, because the session is recorded kind of again in real-time. It is slightly faster than real-time because Teleport at least removes all the pauses. Also, you then get all the benefits of Asciinema, and there are tools to do post-processing. And the best part for me is all of that is just text. So you can copy/paste. I’m including one of my sessions where I fixed a bug in my HomeLab’s Minio configuration.

SSH Session Recording:

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