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Shortcuts for address bar in Google Chrome

by Tomasz Jarosik

I found useful productivity hack which allows me to quickly go to a web page I want. The hack is to use “search engines” feature of Google Chrome. It’s efficient for web pages you use most often and if you want to access them only by keyboard. You can easily go to Chrome’s address bar by hitting Ctrl+L (cmd+L) and usually you can type “g ” to search for things. Why not extend this to many other websites? And it’s not only for one character shortcuts.
Here are some of my shortcuts:

me -> tomaszjarosik.net
travis -> https://travis-ci.org/tomekjarosik/acm
jira %s -> a specific issue in JIRA
cia -> Continuos Integration for Android
maps -> google maps

Finally, how to set this up?
1. Right-click on address bar
2. Choose “Edit search engines”
3. Define your own keyword and URL
That’s simple. And efficient.

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Piotr Wach February 25, 2020 - 07:46

Wow, I have not thought about this, very useful. Thanks 🙂


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