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Keeping Gmail inbox clean

by Tomasz Jarosik

I like to keep my gmail inbox clean. Separating email into multiple tabs greatly helps with this. Keeping the inbox clean is a best way to avoid re-reading (or just re-scanning email headers) over and over again. There are also other features that can help us with processing emails:

  1. Use ‘Archive’ button whenever you’re done with a email. The email will be still there is you ever need to search for it (so your fear of  loosing email is unfounded). Just ‘Archive’ it. Really.
  2. Use filters
  3. Periodically go through no longer wanted subscriptions and unsubscribe from them
  4. Clean unnecessary messages in bulk, e.g in the search box type “older_than:1y type: is:unread” -> “select all threads that match criteria” -> delete
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