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Donate computing power for Covid-19 research

by Tomasz Jarosik

If you are reading this, you have a computer. How do you use it? I bet your computer can do much more that you think. And I want to present you with opportunity for your computer to do more work (you have to pay the energy bills :)). All of that in the background so you can still enjoy watching movies or doing normal work.

These are steps that I want you to make:
1. Read this page https://foldingathome.com/covid19
2. Start donating computer power by downloading a program from this site: https://foldingathome.org/start-folding/ if you are worried about computer viruses and/or your privacy, you can do it from a virtual machine. No excuses here, really.
3. You can install the folding@home application in Windows, Mac, Linux. I myself started just recently and here is our team’s progress: https://stats.foldingathome.org/team/255025 team ID 255025
4. Track your progress. There is a viewer available, also for daemon running in Linux.
5. Read this about the scale of the Folding@Home project: https://www.anandtech.com/show/15661/folding-at-home-reaches-exascale-1000000000000000000-operations-per-second-for-covid-19

Update 4.04.2020:
Big Thank you to everyone who joined our team. We have just reached over 2000000 points in a week:

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1 comment

KrisHary April 7, 2020 - 06:59

Przyszedł Mateusz87 z zrobił niecałe 2mln w dzień lub dwa 😉 ciekawe czym, moze jakiś 2080 ti? One potrafią 1.5 mln dziennie trzasnąć, ja musze poświęcić parę rdzeni żeby karta miała co robić. Ogólnie problemem jest dla mnie temperatura – jak działam na wszystkich rdzeniach OC do 6 x 4.0 GHz to mam 95 C a to raczej przesada 🙂 laptop za to buczy na maxa wiec go dałem do innego pokoju i robi te 120k dziennie może trochę więcej.


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